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In the Internet there are several sites where exhausting lists of the existing software for examination of nonlinear dynamical systems are maintained, beginning with the elementary programs for numerical simulation and visualization of dynamics, up to more complex which can reveal basins of attraction, evaluate lyapunov exponents, carry out bifurcation analysis, evaluate all kinds of dimension, reconstruct the attractors from time series, etc., etc. One thing only is lacking there - the program which at once "would solve all your problems". Not trying to reinvent a bicycle, I shall give a handful of such addresses.

Site is maintained by Hinge Osinga from the Bristol University. Besides fairly exhausting list of the existing soft, you can find here tutorials, reviews and other useful stuff. You may even be convinced of benefits of crocheting skills.

sci-nonlinear.faq (mirror)

Pretty outdated but still useful resource.

Selection of addresses from the popular search engine.

It is easy to see, that this list is too-o-o short to be exhaustive and is completely defined by personal preferences. Everyone would like to hope, that somewhere there, outside, out there, is something truly genuine, yet unsoiled, or known till now only by always-secretive elite professionals. There is, certainly, some pleasant unexpectedness. However, actually, the list of relevant addresses is rather limited and repeats with small variations from a site to a site.

And this our site is not an exception.