Realization of abstract models and phenomena of nonlinear dynamics in electronics and mechanics

In nonlinear science many interesting and important concepts, theories, models were advanced. However, it is not always the case that they are clearly associated with examples of realistic physical systems, or, at least, with ordinary differential equations familiar to physicists. It relates, in particular, to such classic models of chaos as Bernoulli map, Arnold's cat map, hyperbolic strange attractors, Mandelbrot and Julia sets and to many others. The present page is devoted to an idea of realization of some abstract models and phenomena of nonlinear dynamics on a basis of a special class of systems, which may be constructed as electronic devices. They are composed of two or more coupled self-oscillators with periodically modulated parameters in such way that the subsystems alernately generate and transfer the excitation each other turn by turn.

Bernoulli map
Smale - Williams attractor
Arnold's cat map
Parametric generator
Parametric excitation of standing waves
Robust strange nonchaotic attractor
Mandelbrot and Julia sets
Periodically kicked particle
Triple linkage
Plykin attractor

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