Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinear Dynamics
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Software for bifurcation analysis.

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Basic features of this programs are brought together in two tables:

The common feature of programs included in this mini-review is that each of them, to some extent, can find bifurcation points, determine their nature, and, further, provide a continuation of the found points at a variation of parameters.

Second feature that unites them, and restricts this list even more strongly - all these programs, to some extent, can be used under WINDOWS. Therefore, for example, here have not hitted DSTOOL, or TBC - I have not found the recipe how to start them under Windows.

The third restricting principle - these programs first of all are adapted to deal with small or moderate sized systems which can be maps or systems of the ordinary differential equations. Some of them can deal with other types of systems too, and with systems which size can reach several hundreds equations. However, generally, if you are solving large-scale problems, or, say, the equations with a delay, then probably it is better to look for more appropriate variant, may be you will find something on one of these sites.